Dublin, 4 August 2014



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We bring World Press Photo to Ireland as a showcase of the world's best journalism. The standard that is consistently displayed in this annual exhibition sets a benchmark that everyone interested in journalism can aspire to, and be inspired by.

Although the exhibition itself is the most obvious feature of what we do, it is in fact only one aspect. Our objective is not to simply display the best photojournalism in the world, but to use this world-class exhibition for positive social impact in Ireland. Here are three examples of how we are doing this in 2014:

Young Journalist Spotlight: Alongside the best photojournalism in the world, we showcase the work of three young Irish journalists, giving them an opportunity to expand their profile at home and abroad

Schools Programme: All secondary schools in Ireland are invited to avail of guided tours, which encourage an interest in global affairs and a critical appreciation of journalism's role in society

ChildVision: We are delighted to have arranged for multi-award-winning photojournalist, Brent Stirton, to document ChildVision's inspirational work, which will be incorporated into his ongoing global story about unnecessary blindness

In closing, it is important to mention that we operate on a self-funded basis. We do not use public funds to pay for the considerable costs involved. When you buy a ticket to visit the World Press Photo exhibition, you are not only taking the opportunity to see one of the best exhibitions in the world, you are also helping us to accomplish our important work.


Kind regards,


Eamonn Kennedy

Founder of the Journalism, Law and Rights Forum




World Press Photo is brought to Ireland by the Journalism, Law and RIghts Forum with the support of our invaluable partners. In a variety of ways, they provide critical support and assistance to make it all possible and we are indebted to them for placing their trust in us.


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World Press Photo receives support from the Dutch Postcode Lottery and is sponsored worldwide by Canon.


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